As the years pass, we are seeing more rapid technological advances, but which is being followed by an even faster deterioration in the ecological state of our planet. This has put humanity onto a slippery slope towards a situation where we are being threatened by the impacts of escalating climate change, habitat destruction, air and water pollution, together with disappearing wild species. However, human numbers are growing, and consumption increasing at a rate that could soon outpace the Earth’s capacity to produce enough to meet the needs of all of its people.
Excessive consumption is epitomised by corporate behaviour that promotes throw-away consumer attitudes, which is driven by their mindless pursuit of increased profits at any cost, through ‘endless growth’ in the consumption of their products, which are derived from finite declining material resources extracted from the environment. The ever-increasing over-production and wasteful consumption of manufactured goods and the generally wasteful habits of people who enjoy unnecessary holiday travel and luxury lifestyles, are mainly responsible for the on-going erosion of our planets ecological integrity.
It will only be possible to reverse this grim scenario if there is a radical change in human behaviour, particularly of more affluent individuals in the global North. The critical question is whether they will continue riding the roller-coaster until it runs off its rails, or jump off before it gets to that point? We really cannot afford to wait any longer. Urgent action is needed from all, but mass mobilisation to end unnecessary consumption must start with every individual.
That means YOU!

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