Love Forests – Hate Plantations!

Guest Post by Jan Carl Matysiac – GeaSphere Europe October 2017 How can industrial monoculture tree plantations like this be called forests? Earlier this year(and this month too), Portugal has been in the news for huge, destructive wildfires. Nearly 100 people have died due the catastrophe that took place there. The media calls them forest … Continue reading Love Forests – Hate Plantations!

The Swedish experience: Shrinking forests – Expanding tree plantations

  Guest blog - About the author:  Amanda Tas holds a M.Sc. in Environmental Science with focus on nature conservation biology. She has during the last 15 years worked with different environmental and nature conservation projects in Europe, Africa and Southeast Asia. ************************************************************* There is a large difference between natural forest-ecosystems and industrial tree plantations. … Continue reading The Swedish experience: Shrinking forests – Expanding tree plantations

An introduction to: Plantation Definition Discussion

Its time to face up to the reality that industrial tree plantations are not forests. They never have been and never will be! That's why they need their own identities and definitions, so that they can no longer be confused with real forests. Help us to show the UN that calling tree plantations forests is not good for the planet!